The Infinite Way Wisdoms

What Are “The Wisdoms”?

“The Wisdoms” are statements of mystical truth that came as inner unfoldments to Joel Goldsmith over a period of two years.  “Every one of these ‘Wisdoms,’” Joel said, “came through revelation, most of them by my being awakened in the middle of the night and having to get up and write down the particular ‘Wisdom’ that revealed itself. All told, they comprise only a few pages, and yet the contents of those few pages were two years in being unfolded to me.”

Before Joel made the Wisdoms publicly available, he released them to a small group of selected students for study and absorption into consciousness.  As he said, “Some students may not understand these Wisdoms because they are not man’s wisdom: God gave them to me, and spiritual wisdom is requisite for an understanding of them.”  Later the Wisdoms were published as a new chapter in the 1956 edition of Joel’s book The Infinite Way.

Joel believed that the study of these Wisdoms could carry the student into a new realm of consciousness.  “Study The Wisdoms earnestly,” he said.  “Live with them day in and day out. Meditate on them and they will open up a way before you—the way of fulfillment.”

Joel encouraged students to study the Wisdoms consciously and deliberately. “Study one at a time, and treat it as if it were a separate teaching. Get it within you and then go on to the next.  Do not think for a moment that because the words seem familiar, you understand their meaning, because there is depth of meaning here which will change your entire experience on earth if you once perceive their nature.

Downloadable Wisdom Cards

Many students have found it helpful to have the 132 Wisdoms on cards for study and contemplation, and we are pleased to offer downloadable files for making your own set of Wisdom cards.  You have a choice of two formats.
WISDOMS – PLAIN PAPER FORMAT (PDF) »This downloadable file is formatted for printing on plain paper or on card stock.  After printing, you can cut along the grid lines to separate the cards.  There are 10 Wisdoms per page, so you will need 14 pages to print all of them.
WISDOMS – AVERY BUSINESS CARD FORMAT (PDF) »This downloadable file is formatted for printing on Avery brand Business Card sheets (Avery product number 8371 or 08371).  These sheets are heavyweight stock with a matte finish, and they have ultrafine perforations that allow you to separate the individual cards easily and cleanly. Each sheet provides ten 2” x 3 ½” cards, and there are 25 sheets in a package.  Since there are 132 Wisdoms, one package is sufficient to print all the Wisdom cards.

You can purchase the Avery Business Cards at most office supply stores.  You can also purchase them from by clicking here.