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Who was Joel S. Goldsmith?

Joel S. Goldsmith (1892 – 1964), an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, author, and healer, taught a mystical message based on spiritual principles revealed to him. He called this message “The Infinite Way.”

Joel taught that The Infinite Way is an experience of God and a way of life by grace, and that the message of The Infinite Way can lead sincere, dedicated spiritual students to that experience. He was very clear that the experience comes only as we seek within ourselves, for “the kingdom of God is within you.”
The book titled The Government of Eden is shown in various publishing formats, including paperback, hardback, and ebook for phone and tablet.
The Government of Eden
An extraordinary compilation of Joel Goldsmith’s classwork focusing on areas of deep concern today, including government, politics, and voting. Available as hardback, paperback and e-book.
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The cover image for the book, An Introduction to The Infinite Way Message of Joel S. Goldsmith.

An Introduction to the Infinite Way Message of Joel S. Goldsmith
by Elizabeth Parker

A resource we recommend for beginning and advanced students alike, this guidebook offers a logical and fruitful way to study The Infinite Way message. Those interested in Goldsmith's teachings often ask, "Where do I begin?" Now, here is a starting point.

An Introduction to the Infinite Way Message of Joel S. Goldsmith explains the premise, the purpose, and the major spiritual principles and practices of The Infinite Way message. It introduces the reader to spiritual healing and the mystical life as Joel Goldsmith teaches them, and it suggests a beginning study plan.

Parker presents key principles of this spiritual message—the nature of God, the nature of individual being, the nature of error, and the nature of prayer—illustrating her points with illuminating passages from Goldsmith's more than fifty books and over 1,200 hours of recorded material.

There is an insight in man that visions through all appearances. Be at peace.