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Who was Joel S. Goldsmith?

Joel Goldsmith (1892 – 1964), an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, author, and healer, taught a mystical message based on spiritual principles revealed to him. He called this message “The Infinite Way.”

Joel taught that The Infinite Way is an experience of God and a way of life by grace, and that the message of The Infinite Way can lead sincere, dedicated spiritual students to that experience. He was very clear that the experience comes only as we seek within ourselves, for “the kingdom of God is within you.”
The Government of Eden
An extraordinary new compilation of Joel Goldsmith’s classwork focusing on areas of deep concern today, including government, politics, and voting. Available as hardback, paperback and e-book.
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The Art of Meditation
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The only error is the sense of God's absence. The awareness of God does not dispel error – God Itself is the only harmony.