About the Virtual Library

We at Acropolis Books are continuously looking for new ways to serve readers of Joel Goldsmith and students of The Infinite Way.
While all of Joel's books are available as both print and e-book publications, we know that there are some readers for whom having all of the titles in one online location, for one monthly subscription rate, is preferable. The Joel Goldsmith Virtual Library offers exactly that. Each book has been digitally prepared to load in your browser, with an active table of contents, and flowing pages matching the layout of all of our printed books. Readers using a computer can easily turn pages using left and right arrows on the screen, or jump to a specific chapter or page using the thumbnails along the bottom of the screen. If you are reading on a mobile device, simply turn the page with a swipe of your finger.

Access to the Virtual Library includes a two-week free trial period. No payment information is required to subscribe! A subscription of $9.99 per month will be offered at the end of the trial period. You will need an active internet connection to read the books. You may cancel your subscription at any time, or simply allow it to renew each month. Review the membership options here.