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Q: Is this website related to Acropolis Books, Inc?  
Yes. The Joel S. Goldsmith Book Foundation publishes under the name Acropolis Books as the publisher of record for Joel S. Goldsmith’s work. Acropolis Books acquired permission to publish Joel S. Goldsmith's books from the copyright holder: The Estate of Joel Goldsmith, managed by The Infinite Way Office, in California. At the Joel Goldsmith Bookstore and Reading Room, you will find everything that Acropolis Books publishes, as well as the Electronic Search Tool – an online search engine that allows you to search all of Joel Goldsmith’s printed work and recordings by keyword topics, titles, and phrases.
Related resources operated by our friends at The Infinite Way Office: 
Q: Where can I hear Joel Goldsmith recordings?
Please visit the Infinite Way Office website to access all of Joel Goldsmith’s authentic recorded classes.
Q: What are the 'Corresponding Resources' listed for each chapter?
Many of Joel Goldsmith’s books are based on his recorded classwork, which has been preserved in tape, CD, and MP3 formats by The Infinite Way Office in Moreno Valley, CA.
For example, “#159-1 1956 Chicago Closed Class 2:1” means:
• The recording number is 159, Side 1 (#159-1).
• The recording is from the 1956 Chicago Closed Class.
• The recording is Tape 2, Side 1 for the 1956 Chicago Closed Class (2:1).
To learn more about the recordings, or to purchase or stream the audio files, please visit the Infinite Way Office website.
Q: Are all Joel Goldsmith books available as e-Books?  
Yes. All our titles (not including pamphlets) are available as e-Books for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple Books for Apple devices. We do not sell e-Books on this website, but we do provide links to the other online sellers at the bottom of each book detail page. Alternatively, you may enjoy a subscription to our Reading Room, where you can read all of Joel's books and pamphlets for $9.99 per month.
Q: Can I download books from the Virtual Library?
No. You may only enjoy the Virtual Library books on your computer or mobile device with a wireless or broadband connection.
Q: Where else can I order Joel Goldsmith books?
You may wish to support your local independent bookstore. Most bookstores have access to our titles and would be happy to place an order for you. You will also find our printed books on most Amazon websites,, and many others. Our e-Books are available from Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, and Apple Books for Apple devices. Consider our subscription service to the Reading Room if you would like complete online access to all of Joel Goldsmith's books.
Q: Why does my Joel Goldsmith book look different than the one you publish?
In 2017 Acropolis Books modernized printing methods to print-on-demand distribution as part of its mission to preserve Goldsmith's mystical literature. At that time Acropolis Books refreshed the cover artwork of most of its titles, and added a seal of authenticity. If your book was published by Acropolis Books before 2017, it will likely have a different cover than the edition featured on this website.
We are sometimes asked about Goldsmith books that appear on retailer web sites from other publishers. Acropolis Books and DeVorss & Company are the only publishers who currently hold legal rights from the copyright holder to publish Joel Goldsmith’s print books, and Acropolis Books alone holds the rights to publish Goldsmith's e-Books. These publishers take great care to ensure that the print books and e-Books are true to the originally published versions. If you are uncertain about a specific publisher, you may want to contact that publisher directly to inquire about the basis for their publishing rights.
Q: How do I review a book?
Each book detail page has a space at the bottom of the page for reviews. These reviews come from and are specific to each book. If you would like to include your review, click on our green "Write a Review" button. This will take you to where you can leave a review. You will need an Amazon account, but it is not necessary to have purchased your book on Amazon in order to leave a review.
What you will see on our website.
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Q: How do I subscribe to the Reading Room?
Subscribing is easy! Just go to our Membership page, and click the yellow subscribe button. Membership to the Reading Room costs just $9.99/mo and comes with full access to 70+ Joel Goldsmith publications, our self-led study program, and thoughtfully prepared supplemental reading guides. As a member of the Reading Room, you agree to receive occasional emails regarding updates and news about the Joel Goldsmith Bookstore and Reading Room.
Q: How do I upgrade my outdated subscription?
If you were subscribed to the previously free Study Series and want continue accessing the Reading Room resources, please click the SUBSCRIBE button on our Membership page.
Q: I think I am logged in. Why can't see the Reading Room content?
If you successfully logged in but you do not seem to have access to the Reading Room, please refresh your browser window and check the drop-down menu under "The Reading Room" menu item in the blue menu bar at the top of any page on our website.
Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?
Click the Login link in the top blue menu bar. When the login popup opens, click the words "Forgot Password?" and enter your email address, then click the blue Send Link button. You will receive a six-digit code by email (if you don't see it, check your spam folder!). Enter the six digit code in the popup window and then enter a new password. You can now login with your email address and new password.
Q: How do I unsubscribe from the Reading Room?
First log in to your account by clicking Login on the top menu bar. Then click on your name to open up your account information. Click Plans on the left menu of the popup, and then click Remove next to your membership. Paid memberships will continue to be valid through the current period but will not renew unless you choose to reactivate your account.
Q: How do I read Virtual Library books?
Login to your membership account, go to "The Reading Room" menu item, and choose "Virtual Library." Find the title you want and click the cover to open the book in a new browser tab. Virtual books are only accessible through this website with a subscription, and require an active internet connection. Read more about how to use the books here.
Q: Can I bookmark my place in a Virtual Library book?
No. At this time we do not offer the ability to place a bookmark. We suggest that you leave the book open in your browser tab so you can return to it later.
Q: Can I download books from the Virtual Library?
No. You may only enjoy the Virtual Library books on your computer or mobile device with a wireless or broadband connection.


Q: Can I buy books directly from this website?
We no longer sell books directly from our website. You can subscribe to our Reading Room to read all 76 titles on our website, or you can purchase printed books directly from The Infinite Way Office at or by calling (951) 656-1215. Printed books and e-books are also available from Amazon.
Q: Can I set up a wholesale account?
Please email us if you wish to inquire about wholesale opportunities at


Q: I am a group leader. May I have an examination copy of one of your books for a future group study?
Please contact for inquiries. We encourage our books being used in any group endeavor and will be pleased to assist you.
Q: I am a bookseller outside of the U.S.  Am I able to purchase your books for resale?
Please contact for inquiries of this nature.
Q: May I publish quotations from your books?
We are generally pleased to give permission for use of shorter excerpts from Joel’s books. Please contact to request permission. See Compliance section below.
Copyright Compliance
Acropolis Books, Inc. is the publisher of record for all but three of the books in the Joel Goldsmith collection.
Consistent dedication to the preservation and protection of the original, authentic, and unadulterated works of Joel S. Goldsmith has earned Acropolis, and by connection, the Joel Goldsmith Bookstore and Reading Room, a reputation for integrity. Whenever you purchase anything from us, you can depend on its authenticity. Likewise, full respect and compensatory consideration has been accorded to the copyright holder, the Estate of Joel Goldsmith.
Anyone who seeks to use published material from the collection of Joel Goldsmith is obligated to ask permission of the publisher. Posting material online on blogs, websites, or video channels, requires the permission of the publisher. Reprinting published material without the consent of the publisher constitutes copyright infringement, whether inside the U.S. or internationally, due to copyright law subscribed to by countries participating in the Berne Convention.
Without the publisher’s permission, it is a violation of the copyright protections to:
  • Create and circulate reproductions of published books
  • Reproduce excerpts or chapters of books
  • Publish new translations
Please contact with your requests. As part of our agreement with the Estate of Joel Goldsmith, we are responsible for protecting the copyrights on all of Joel’s publications. We ask your help to ensure the integrity of the message and the continuation of our rights as the publisher.