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The Master Speaks

The Master Speaks is a non-denominational book that will appeal to anyone interested in spiritual healing. It is based on the teachings of Jesus about the principles of spiritual living and spiritual healing, and can serve as a basic text for those interested in Christian mysticism.

Throughout the book, Goldsmith beautifully weaves together Bible references and the spiritual principles that form the Infinite Way message. He takes the reader through a detailed course of instruction around three major steps: attaining the conscious awareness of the presence of God; learning meditation, reflection, and introspection; and learning the nature of error. He says, “Unless our thought responds instantly to the fact that God is the only life, that God is all there is to individual being; and unless in our heart and Soul we truly believe that, we cannot be spiritual healers.”

The secret to spiritual healing, Goldsmith says, is knowing the true identity of every individual, and this comes through spiritual discernment. A spiritual healer does not deal with the mortal picture and try to change it. “We go right to the center of being, and there recognize Christ, the Spirit, the presence and power of God,” he says. “As we do that, we do not heal human beings; we do not enrich them, although that is the way in which it appears to the world. What we do is to bring to light their spiritual identity–that which has always been there, but which has seemed to have disappeared.” But Goldsmith is careful to emphasize: “It is not understanding truth that heals: it is the divine state of spiritual consciousness that heals; and the one who has that state of consciousness is a practitioner.”

In The Master Speaks, Goldsmith also lays out the differences between traditional metaphysics and The Infinite Way message, and he gives extensive practical advice on many aspects of the healing ministry for those who find themselves led to it. He offers the idea – astonishing to some – that “Everyone on earth has, potentially, the same consciousness as Jesus Christ. The question is: are we willing to put in the hours of devotion; are we willing to make the effort required to train ourselves to be conscious of the presence of God, instead of seeking some form in which God is to appear? There is the whole secret. It is up to us! If we can rely wholly on the Principle, on Consciousness, we can attain the consciousness of the Christ.” For those who are drawn to that quest, The Master Speaks is a substantial first step on the journey.