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The Art of Spiritual Living

Joel Goldsmith has written many books about the principles that constitute the message of the Infinite Way. In The Art of Spiritual Living, he focuses on how we can bring those principles into every phase of life – health, supply, business, home, relationships – and experience their transforming influence. “Being able to live the spiritual life,” he says, is dependent upon your knowing, first of all, that God is your selfhood and the selfhood of everyone you meet, and then knowing that the Father within you knows your need. You must know that it is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and you can rest and relax in that assurance. When you have that assurance, you are really living the spiritual life.”

With each lesson in spiritual living, Goldsmith drills down into the deeper meaning, as when he says, “The basis of all spiritual living is that I and the Father are one. But if we leave out any individual anywhere, we are losing our demonstration. We cannot say, ‘I and my Father are one,’ and then omit anyone else. It may be difficult at first to look around the world and as we recall a few names and faces, say with disbelief, ‘What? You, too, are one with God?’ No, judging by appearances; but in truth I and the Father are one is a universal truth.”

The Art of Spiritual Living lays out a clear choice between living humanly and living spiritually. Goldsmith gives the reader extensive instruction on how to live spiritually, from rising in the morning to retiring at night by anchoring oneself in the spiritual principles and practices of the Infinite Way message. Using interesting and sometimes amusing stories from his own experience, he illustrates the practicality of spiritual living and shows how it can shape every aspect of life and bring peace, harmony, and freedom. “All scripture is agreed that you must abide in Me and let Me abide in you. You must live, and move, and have your being in God, and you must let God abide in you.” This is the art of spiritual living.

[Note: The Art of Spiritual Living is the collection of the 1977 Infinite Way Letters.]