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Spiritual Power of Truth

Jesus  said, "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." What is  this Truth that we must know? What is the freedom that it gives? These are  some of the questions answered by Joel Goldsmith in Spiritual Power of  Truth.

The fact that Truth is true is of no avail to us, Goldsmith tells us. "That is why you’ve got to know the Truth. You have to know it consciously and you  have to know it constantly. The responsibility is upon your shoulders." He  explains, "The teachings of the world have not gone beyond seeking Truth  through the mind, through books, and through teachings, and until you realize that you never are going to find the Truth in this way, you have not even  begun your spiritual journey. The Truth, this secret behind the universe, it  is not to be known with the mind or through the mind."

How, then, are we to know the Truth? Goldsmith makes it clear that 'knowing  the truth' does not mean intellectually understanding statements of truth or  repeatedly affirming them. Rather, knowing the truth is a deep realization in  consciousness that comes through meditation and living the spiritual  principles. Only when we have that realization can we experience the  spiritual power of Truth. At the core of this realization, he explains, is  always the truth that "I and the Father are one."

In Spiritual Power of Truth, Goldsmith guides the reader through the  terrain of spiritual wisdom on the subject of Truth, including the relationship of Truth and spiritual healing; the meaning of spiritual power  and how it has been misinterpreted; the meaning of illusion; and how our  knowing the truth can benefit others. Throughout the book, Goldsmith anchors  his teaching in the spiritual truths that constitute the message of the  Infinite Way: the nature of God, man, prayer, and error. Finally, ever  determined that students will not simply take his word as truth but make it  their own, he reminds the reader: "There is no way on earth that you are ever  going to know that you have learned a lesson of Truth unless you demonstrate  it, you prove it to be so."

[Note: Spiritual Power of Truth is the collection of the 1989-90 Infinite  Way Letters.]