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Our Spiritual Resources

Many people find it difficult to attain a balance between living by meditation and Grace and living effectively in the world, feeling that they have to choose between them. Our Spiritual Resources makes it clear that we do not have to retire from the world, for our daily responsibilities themselves can spur us on to spiritual unfoldment. In fact, says Goldsmith, meeting everyday problems and responsibilities through the practice of spiritual principles is a more effective way of attaining a realized consciousness of oneness than withdrawing from the world. Problems and situations become opportunities for us to practice applying spiritual principles and to access our spiritual resources.

In Our Spiritual Resources, Goldsmith blends deep spiritual wisdom with a realistic understanding of the practicalities of daily living, making it a textbook for living in the world without being of it. He shows the reader how living in harmony with the eternal principles of spiritual living and spiritual healing can transform every aspect of life – physical, financial, social, governmental and spiritual. “The truth of the matter,” says Goldsmith, “is that there is nothing more practical, progressive, or prosperous than a life lived in accordance with the Spirit.” In fact, he reveals, “the substance of everything necessary to your experience is already within your own being and ready to unfold naturally as it becomes necessary to you, because the completeness and perfection of your life is already established within you as essence or substance, and it appears outwardly as form. Your part is to learn to sit in your quiet moments of meditation, realizing this completeness, and understanding that the only barrier to the expression of perfection is the belief in two powers. Relax in the awareness that within you is the fulfillment of life, and with this recognition the flow begins.”

Our Spiritual Resources is a light-filled guide to the treasure of spiritual resources available to us and a guide to accessing them through praying correctly, understanding the true nature of mind and body, living by meditation, bringing God into daily experience, and much more.

[Note: Our Spiritual Resources is the collection of the 1960 Infinite Way Letters.]