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An Introduction to the Infinite Way Message of Joel S. Goldsmith

In An Introduction to The Infinite Way Message of Joel Goldsmith, Elizabeth Parker has written the quintessential introduction to the teaching of the American mystic, Joel Goldsmith. Every aspect of the book hits the mark. Parker, who has had long training in translating difficult technical processes into everyday language, has used her talent to elucidate a timeless mystical teaching that is as relevant today as when Goldsmith taught in the 1950s and ‘60s.

This beautifully organized book introduces Joel Goldsmith, his life and ministry as well as the teaching he presented to groups around the world; a message he called The Infinite Way. Parker presents key principles of that spiritual message—the nature of God, the nature of individual being, the nature of error, and the nature of prayer—illustrating her points with illuminating passages from Goldsmith's more than fifty books and over 1,200 hours of recorded material.

For any individual new to the message of The Infinite Way, a highlight is found in one of the final sections of the book: "A Plan for Study."  Here is a clear and doable way forward, providing lists of key books, recordings, and techniques for how to approach an in-depth study of Joel Goldsmith’s vast body of work. This volume presents a comprehensive roadmap to The Infinite Way teaching which will be invaluable for both new students and longtime adherents of the message. For many years this kind of guide has been a missing link for those interested in The Infinite Way as there is such a wealth of material available.  It is often asked, "Where do I begin?" Now, here is a starting point.

About the Author:  

Elizabeth Parker discovered The Infinite Way message in 1984 and has been deeply committed to it ever since.  Together with her husband Marty, she led local Infinite Way study groups for seven years.  In 2010, they started the Goldsmith Global online study group, which provides an opportunity for Infinite Way students around the world to meditate together and study The Infinite Way message.  For many years, Elizabeth and Marty worked with Acropolis Books, the primary publisher of Joel Goldsmith’s books, to make the books available as e-books and to create the Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search Tool.  More recently, they worked with The Infinite Way Office to create and launch the Joel S. Goldsmith Streaming Service.