About the Bookstore

Introducing the Joel Goldsmith Bookstore and Reading Room, the new face of Acropolis Books!

For over 25 years Acropolis Books, Inc. has published, preserved, and perpetuated the mystical work of Joel S. Goldsmith.  With this mission, and much more, accomplished, a new phase of this unfoldment has begun in the form of the Joel Goldsmith Bookstore and Reading Room. This new entity does not replace Acropolis Books but will, instead, be a more readily identifiable online presence which will pave the way for many to find these invaluable works. At the Joel Goldsmith Bookstore and Reading Room, readers with a subscription to the Virtual Library will be able to access all of Joel’s books and pamphlets online; at the same time, readers may purchase any or all of Joel’s printed titles directly from our site.  In our Reading Room, we feature an ongoing monthly book chapter, posted for in-depth study and available to all.  As our mission continues and expands, we welcome you to celebrate and experience this new online bookstore.  We are here to serve you.